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Announcing LITTLE ORPHAN ANVIL at the Debutante Ball!

Debutante Ball, A Feast of Debut Authors


A Tale of Magic and Metal... The tale of an orphaned robot and its journey to help save a realm from the rule of an evil witch. When the Land of Iron and Anvil is brought to ruin by a wicked storm, the robot becomes lost in the wilds of the lands. But after being discovered by a little boy and his dog, the robot is reunited with its creator and together they set off to the Land of Shadows to free a group of orphans from the dark magic of the witch…and save an entire realm from her rule!                                         

"A Dark and Imaginative ride....

October 29, 2011
Alexia E. Purdy "Alexia" (Las Vegas, NV) amazon kindle

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant! December 10, 2011
By Author Kim Faulks "If you haven't read Little Orphan Anvil, then you are truly missing out. Packed with magical mystery this story will transport you from the first word, on the very first page. Well done Joseph Beekman for a spectacular story, that will apeal to everyone regardless of age. I for one, will be watching this author very closely indeed!" http://www.amazon.com/Little-Orphan-Anvil-Joseph-Beekman/product-reviews/1937593592/ref=cm_cr_dp_all_summary?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1&sortBy=bySubmissionDateDescending

Author Khloe Kamalis said:
" I have the book and was quite surprised at the childlike quality of content, yet as an adult, I too found it extremely entertaining. Think of it as Steam-punk meets Grim maybe? Beautifully written Joseph. I would recommend this book to anyone. I can't wait for the sequel." via the Vampire Scribe interview ~ http://vampirescribe.blogspot.com/2011/12/monday-authors-spotlight-joseph-beekman.html?spref=fb
"Absolutely riveting. Joseph Beekman has forged a story that should galvanize anyone's reading time." ~ Author, George Lasher

~ Experience the magical mystery tale of the fantasy adventure in paperback and ebook!! ~
nOW A MystIc PrESs publication release!! Jan - Feb 2012

Read A "Little" snippet from the tale! >>

Through the dense underlying fog, Kelsey and Sonny moved silently through the thick vines of the pumpkin orchards. Careful not to disturb any of the orphans they might encounter along their path, they kept low to the ground so they would be able to see any movement before them under the blanket of fog. Every now and again, crunching noises were heard, as well as the shuffled steps of orphans that tended to the vines and very large pumpkins. 
Rounding a great pumpkin, the two almost collided with an orphan’s muddy boots. Kelsey, the front leader of the two, froze. She stopped Sonny’s movement when he bumped into her backside.
“Stay still!” she whispered over her shoulder. They slowly looked upwards through the mist, and in the damp tangle of vines, saw the pale face of an orphan girl. The little girl hummed as she plucked centipedes off the side of the big pumpkin. Taking notice of the hollowed, ghostly gaze in her dark eyes, Kelsey - with a look of determination - waved Sonny to the left and away from the helpless orphan. 
Crawling again towards what she believed would be the surest way to the mansion, Kelsey stopped a moment and carefully stood up. Parting a few vines from her view, she saw the dim lights of the mansion’s back porch. She ducked back down and turned to face Sonny. 
“Okay,” Kelsey said, still whispering, “I can see the back porch of the mansion. You have to take to the right of me now, and go around to the front.” She gave Sonny a kiss on the cheek. “Good luck!” 
Surprised by the kiss, Sonny just blinked; smitten and speechless. 
“Okay, snap out of it and get going! We don’t have a lot of time!” Kelsey blurted out.
“Right!” Sonny said, blushing. “Good luck to you, too!” he whispered to her. Then he moved out of her sight, under the vines and towards the front of the mansion. 
After checking to be sure the firefly jar was still safely tucked inside her cover-alls, Kelsey continued forward.
As the front door of the mansion parted open with a loud and terrible creaking noise, Sonny stepped back a few feet. Paralyzed with fear, he stood frozen as an old lady, dressed in a long, white flowing gown, and silver hair that dangled down her back and shoulders, peered down at him. 
“Um…hell - hello, there…” Sonny said, his voice quavering. “I - I am lost and with - without shelter…” 
The lady blinked her narrow, dark eyes at him and opened the door all the way. She motioned him forward.
“Come in!” she said in a raspy voice. “Don’t get sick standing there all night; come in and get some warmth. You sound like you’re frozen stiff!”
Sonny nodded. “Yes, miss, I surely am,” he lied, shading his fright. “Thank - thank you!”
He stepped forward, ducking under her arm that held the door open. She poked her head out into the night and quickly looked about with suspicion. Then, huffing to herself, closed the door to the night.
As Kelsey made her way down into the cellar, she felt the strange sensation of being back in the deadwoods again. It was very dark, and she could hardly breathe from the old and musty air in the place.
Taking out the firefly jar, she then held it up and could see around her surroundings. The firefly buzzed about inside the glass jar, creating funny shadows across the brick and stone walls. A clutter of chairs and bed-springs lay strewn about, and off towards one wall, she could see an old doorway covered with cobwebs. 
Wiping at her nose, and sniffling, she made her way to the doorway. Suddenly, she heard the shuffle of feet behind her, and spun quickly around. The light reflected a wiry and pale orphan moving towards her, as if asleep. She froze with fright. The orphan, a boy with long stringy hair, seemed to look right through her as he approached.
“Hey there!” she whispered loudly, waving the jar-light at him. “Can you see me here!” 
The boy kept moving with no sign of him hearing or seeing her. She immediately turned for the door and pushed it open into a dark stairwell. Slamming the door shut, she darted her gaze about and found another chair nearby. She braced it up against the doorknob, preventing the orphan boy from leaving.
I’ll get you out as soon as the spell is broken and we’re all safe, she said to herself. Then she sprang up the stairwell.    
*photo property of Lice Mussa Arte*

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FIRST PRIZE: I'll be giving away a signed copy of my book in paperback as the first prize along with the paperback copies of my first book, A TAIL SPUN, and Shades of Fate~  Second prize is a signed paperback copy of Little Orphan Anvil

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