Monday, October 3, 2011

a haunted poem...

This Ghost Insane
~ a poem by Joseph Beekman ~

I came upon,
a graveyard at dawn.
A new world?

A lonely apparition approached,
gazed on us,
and gasped

Muttering a bloodshot word,
I asked, “What struck fear,
into one so lifeless and clear?”

It sat upon a stone,
sighed and groaned…
“You’re mistaken, you see…
I’m full of life and free!
Free to wander and probe,
alive to surprise and to know!
But you - you’re dead,
draped in flesh you’ll shed.
That wretched shrine that traps your soul,
that drains your dream,
chews it whole!
The thing I’m not,
but what within:
A released pocket of life -
A fleshless hymn!”

I sat amazed by one so crazed!
This ghost insane -
Believing it free,
undaunted by pain!
“Tell me spirit…
how can this be?
I, like you, will die -
No longer wild, no longer free…
But to travel back to the garden womb -
A finality to existence - ”

“ - Only to your flesh,
the spirit’s tomb!” roared the ghost.
“Yes, I was in your state of thought,
avoiding the dark reminders
of which way I’ll rot!
Yet, you will see -
Because like I was you,
you’ll be like me!
You’re soul will fly,
when the body does die…
Then you’ll be born -
Those, the dead you are now,
will remember and mourn!”

The spirit shifted its place -
Laughed at my silence,
The frown on my face…

“I was surprised to see,” the ghost resumed,
“the dead wandering this dawn -
So unaware of the thousands that await,
after the flesh is gone!”

I had to speak -
I had to express,
What haunts I’ve seen,
so like this guest…

“Oh, I’ve seen many of your kind!
Never without a tale,
riddle, or rhyme…
You’re trapped here by the urge to live -
Always struggling to forgive.
To find a reason for your demise -
A true horror, shock, and surprise!
Floating the earth,
from which came your birth -
A spirit dweller in the gardens;
The gardens of graveyard song…
Poking the molds of darkness,
seeking an answer to why you were wronged…
Am I right?”

The ghost sat silent in ponder -
Though I thought it wanting to wander.
Finally it spoke -
It’s voice a creak and a croak:
“One day you will see,
if you spoke the truth,
Or truly was I free!”

And spying a breeze arriving our way,
it took to leave -
Darkness falling,
to bury the light of day.
Copyright: Joseph Beekman, 1997
*first published at Dawn Hagan's Haunted Halloween Bash, October 3rd/2011 at:


Wynne said...

Very spooky! I like that you use rhyme because of the dialogue; it makes it more ghostly!

Joseph Beekman said...

Thanks, Wynne!! :)