Thursday, March 29, 2012

The RUE VIEW issue #16!!

Hop over to the new issue, #16, of the Rue View, where I (Joseph Beekman) am one of the featured artists! >>> http://rueview.moonfruit.com/#/featured-art/455821650

Author Rue Volley's website, Rue View, is dedicated to not only her love for ART but was designed to showcase incredible people who create ART every single day. Every week it will feature a few artists who weave their magic with their photography, storytelling, music and so much more. It will also feature those who support art as they run their own businesses, host blogsites and other websites to further the cause to help others achieve thier dreams. Rue has been graced in life to have met a multitude of very talented individuals and the purpose of this is to showcase their work and let you get to know them even better...become a fan and help them as they continue to live their dreams and share them with you.

"Please support ART in all forms, for without it, the world would lose all of its beauty." - Rue Volley (author/artist)